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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work do you provide?

We offer part/full time, work-from-home on internet, where individuals from anywhere can work as independent. We provide two types of work – paid advertisements & online survey forms and some other programs as bonus like Google Adsense and cj.com or online data entry work.

How much can I earn for each Survey form I fill or each Ptc Ad I visit?

You can earn Rs.60-300 for each online survey form you fill and around $.25 for each Ptc Ad you visit.There are many companies with different ad category,to based on the payout rate may increase.

What is the payment that I can expect?

The payment amount entirely depends on the number of hours each day you decide to work. Someone working for 3-4 hours a day for a month can expect to earn around a good amount every month.

What qualifications do I require to participate?

You don’t need any extra qualification to participate in these surveys. All it requires is a basic understanding of the internet.

Is there any limit of work and earning?

There is no limit of online work,`hundreds of companies provide Ptc Ads and Survey work so you can work as much as you want,Part Time or Full Time.

How many hours a day I need to work on the Internet?

How many hours you wish to work depends entirely on you. You can work at your convenient timings. But it is recommended that you work at least 2-3 hours daily to earn a decent income every month.

Is there any penalty if I don’t know the answer to the questions that the survey has asked? Would there be any issue with the payment if I fill the forms incorrectly?

You are expected to fill the survey forms as per your knowledge. There are no right or wrong answers. You get paid to share your opinion.

Do I need to buy or sell something in this work?

No, this is a purely legitimate work and does not require any buying or selling of any good or service.

Is this kind of multi level marketing?

No, this is not a multi level marketing or MLM scheme. You don’t need to make any members in this work.

Where can I do this work?

You can do this work from anywhere. Home – if you have a personal system and internet connection, office– if you get free time occasionally, or you can do this work in any cybercafé as a part time.

When and what time can I do this work?

You can do this work at any time of day and night (part time, full time) or whenever you want. It is not necessary to do the daily work; if you want, you can give the gap of some days during your work.

How would I get my payment, who would send it and in what mode?

Most of PTC and Survey companies send the payment on a monthly basis through a cheque/Paypal or directly NEFT transfer in your account.There are companies too which pay on weekly basis or a twice in a month so you can choose any company which suits you and work for it.

In members Area, you will be asked to provide your bank account details along IFSC code of your bank branch to get paid by NEFT online transfer.

If you like to get your payment through Paypal then Paypal will directly transfer all your amount in your Bank Account.

Sometimes, companies have a minimum payout limit of $50-$100 or so on. It means that if you could not work in the current month to reach that level due to any reason and your earning is below a specific amount, your amount will get carried over to the next month. It will get adjusted in the next month earning. 

Do I need to pay anything to join?

Yes. To understand the work completely and start it, you’ll need a "CD Package" from our side. It carries all the step by step instructions and training to start the work and filling the form, etc. It will also have your 12 digit Members Id to login your Members Area.The charge of this package is only Rs. 1990 which you don’t have to pay in advance.

Right now, you only have to fill a registration form and we will call you to confirm your status and send the package at your address by post or by courier. You have to pay Rs.1990 (including postal charges) to the postman/courier delivery guy after receiving the package.

Is there a limited time to start the work?

You can begin the work as soon as you get our CD package and your 12 digit Members ID to Login your members Area which will you get along CD-Package.If you don’t wish to start the work immediately, you can start it later as well. There’s no such thing as limited time to start. The advertising companies however may need their surveys to be finished in a limited time duration, and you are free to choose to work for them or not.