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Work Demo 2- Online Survey work

Look at the Screen Shots below to understand your Easy & Simple Survey Job

STEP 1 : Open Your Email - You Will Find Paid Surveys In Your Inbox

STEP 2 : Open The Emails Where You Will Get The Link To Paid Surveys
That You Need To Do As Shown Below

STEP 3 : On Clicking The Survey Link A New Browser Window Will Open And
You Need To Complete the Survey


Survey Topic: "Mobile"
Number of Questions: 20

You have to go through the question and select an option as per your personal opinion only. You need not collect survey opinion from anyone.You need not forward this survey to anyone.

Like this you are going to receive surveys about different products from different companies.

1. Your Gender?

2. Which of the following ranges includes your age ?

3. Highest level of education you have completed

4. Your ethinic region

5. What is your Employment Status?

6. How many mobile phones are owned by you and other members of your household?

7. Which of the following mobile phone you own ?

8. How long you have been using your mobile phone ?

9. Approximate cost of your mobile phone ?

10. Overall, how satisfied are you with your current mobile phone brand?

11.Is your mobile phone equipped to connect to internet?

12. Is your mobile phone equipped with camera?

13. Which of the following functions do you use the most on your mobile phone?

14. On average how many hours a day do you spend using your mobile phone (making calls,sending sms etc.,)

15. When you are planning to purchase a new mobile phone ?

16. While purchasing a new mobile phone which brand you would prefer?

17. Where you would prefer to purchase your new mobile phone ?

18. Approximately how much you would spend for your new mobile phone purchase ?

19. Which of the following network you have been connected to ?

20. Approximately how much you would spend for your new mobile phone purchase ?

STEP 4: Check Your Earning
After finishing a survey you can check your earnings immediately by logging in to Member area of survey companies. The screen snapshot is given below. YOU CAN CHECK YOUR EARNINGS ONLINE 24 X 7. You can withdraw your earnings any time by clicking on the withdraw button.

STEP 5: Receive Your Payment.
There are two ways by which you can receive your payment.
  1. 1. BY CHEQUE to your postal address.
  2. 2. By ONLINE FUND TRANSFER. (The amount will be transferred directly to your Bank account).

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