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Work Demo 1- Paid to click work

Look at the Screen Shots below to understand your Easy & Simple Job

STEP 1 : Open Your Email - You Will Find Paid Advertisements In Your Inbox

STEP 2 : Open The Emails Where You Will Get The Link To Paid Advertisements
That You Need To do As Shown Below

STEP 3 : On Clicking The Link A New Browser Window Will Open And You Need To
Stay In That Window For 10-60 Seconds

STEP 4 : After 30-60 Seconds Your Account Will Be Credited With Amount
Associated For That Paid Advertisement

STEP 5 : Check Your Account Status Anytime
just login with your Username and Password and see how much you earned.

There are two ways by which you can receive your payment.

  1. 1. BY CHEQUE to your postal address.
  2. 2. By ONLINE FUND TRANSFER. (The amount will be transferred directly to your Bank account).

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